Our Philosophy​

GROWN WITH LOVE. We believe that every child deserves the highest quality of care and instruction. Each child is an individual and shall be treated with respect. Your children's early experiences affect how they perceive the world throughout their lives. Therefore, our purpose is to provide a positive, safe and loving environment where children can grow and learn at their own pace. We strive to work closely with parents to develop a plan for individual care and instruction. We feel it is important to help children build self-esteem in their abilities and enthusiasm for exploring the world. We help children learn to respect other's rights and property and foster beginning social skills.

Our Beginning


In December of 2018 I graduated with my BA in Early Childhood Education and my hopes and dreams for this field were clear. At this time, my husband and I had taken a leap of faith. I quit my job as Director and took some time to be at home with our own two children while I really reflected on what my goals and vision was for the future. Shortly after leaving I began to do my research on what it would take to have a center of my own.

My vision of what I really thought quality care and education was for children was strong. I began working with local community members to share my dreams and Young Stars Childcare began to take shape. Of course, there were bumps along the way but when I least expected it, everything fell into place. I secured a location and really began to plan. By October of 2019 things picked up quickly. I began remodeling and improving a recently closed center and made it my own. The search for quality staff was underway. I was blessed to find a close-knit group that shared many of the same concerns for what other small community centers currently offer.

In December of 2019 we opened our doors, set off to provide something different than what was currently out there. Our dreams of raising the bar not only for the children but the staff as well are in full force and happening right here today in Green Lake County. We offer competitive rates as well as wages and benefits to our staff. We pride ourselves by requiring and assisting all staff to pursue their education in the field. We provide an open door policy to parents and encourage staff and parents to have frequent and open communication in regards to the care of their children.

Together we are making a difference in children’s lives. I whole heartly believe that every family should have access to high quality care at a reasonable rate and that each staff member should be deeply valued by their employer.

Allie Henke- Owner